You recognized the importance of capturing the magical and fleeting moments and you invested in a DSLR camera.

Yet, do you still find yourself reaching for your phone to snap your family photographs while your brand-new camera is gathering dust on a shelf? I completely get it - we're busy parents! Learning a new creative medium can take a lot of time and energy.

As much as I would relish the opportunity to photograph all your memories for you, I am equally as passionate about sharing my knowledge and creativity so that you can begin making your own authentic family portraits with confidence and enthusiasm.

Learn how to turn your passion for your family into profound and moving portraits. I will not teach you what to see, but I will teach you where to look. Learn how to create pictures that are guaranteed to become pieces of fine art that you will want to hang on your walls.

The Unscripted Lesson Workshops are DSLR workshops designed especially for parents!



Unscripted Lesson Workshop Lesson I

In Lesson I, we will walk through every feature, setting, and real-life strategy that no camera-owning parent should be without.

In Lesson I, expect to become comfortable with the following concepts:

  • Fundamental DSLR elements

  • Exposure, aperture, & shutter speed

  • Depth of field & background blur

  • Essential lenses & focal length

  • Tack-sharp focus

  • Essential lighting techniques

  • Compositional strategies for exceptional images

Unscripted Lesson Workshop Lesson II

Created as the essential follow-up to Lesson I, this class gives participants the knowledge and confidence they need to create pro-level images of their children despite common lighting and logistical challenges.

In Lesson II, expect to become comfortable with the following concepts:

  • Continuous shooting for fast-moving subjects

  • ISO, metering & challenging light situations

  • Single-point focus and intentional composition

  • White balance & color

  • Stunning golden hour images

  • Advanced compositional strategies for exceptional images

  • Fail-proof posing for siblings & groups



PRIVATE - $300

  • Tailored to your needs and schedule.

  • 1.5-hour workshop (snacks and beverages included) at your choice of location.

  • 1-hour hands-on, deep dive shooting session using your camera in your choice of ( indoor or outdoor) location.

  • .5-hour remote Q&A and image review follow-up.


(may include up to 4 participants)

  • 1.5-hour workshop (snacks and beverages included).

  • 1-hour hands-on, deep dive shooting session using your camera.

  • .5-hour remote Q&A and image review follow-up.


(6 to 8 participants)


Are you ready to stretch your creative wings? Great, let's do it!

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