I offer my clients the choice between a documentary session or a lifestyle session. Not sure which is the ideal fit for your family?

Read below to find out more.



With lifestyle sessions, the moments are STILL genuine and authentic to your family. I merely provide some guidance with posing and the flow of your session for brevity’s sake. Lifestyle photography is a curated approach to capturing life. Many families find a bit of direction encourages them to become more relaxed in front of - and less distracted by - my camera, which in turn, leads to more genuine interactions.

During your pre-call, together we will plan the session location and activities that I will be photographing. When choosing a lifestyle session, the location and activities may be what you consider your "perfect" family day, but which may not happen on a "normal" day. The session location and time will be determined based on light, aesthetic, and the importance to your family. During your session or while retouching your images I may move or place items to add artistic value to your photographs.

Lifestyle Sessions are perfect for families that request the "grandparents" shots (where everyone is looking and smiling at the camera).

***Please note, that the Unscripted Life "Newborn" Sessions with families who have just welcomed their first child are a combination of lifestyle and documentary.***



Documentary sessions are built upon the core principles of photojournalism. It is expected that nothing is manipulated in the scene, the subjects are not directed, the light not altered, and the post-production is light. There is absolutely no outside influence from me whatsoever.

The full intention behind documentary sessions is for me to photograph the love and connections through the ORGANIC FLOW UNIQUE to your family. I do not pose or direct to achieve this. Documentary photographs may include moments where you are caught in laughter, of love, or even of sadness. These are fine art images of you and your family exactly how you are right now and the beauty of your relationships and interactions.

I follow my families through an activity that is within their normal day. Such activities include going to the supermarket, wrangling your family in the morning to get out the door in time for school and work, or the evening routine of meal, bath, story, and bedtime.

Documentary sessions are driven by storytelling. These sessions are not meant to be “charming” or “proper.” If you select a documentary session, you and I both understand that you are not bothered about how you and your family is dressed or whether your kiddos are washed and without a hair out of place. Your home is not magazine-ready. And if one of your children is not cooperating or in a full meltdown, that is absolutely fine! These sessions are about capturing your extraordinary, flawed, beautiful, chaotic reality.

Documentary sessions are perfect for those families who desire photographs that preserve their lives and home in a real context. These sessions are for families that understand moments are fleeting, and personalities and routines change from one day to the next.

***Please note, if your child stops to look and smile at the camera, I will pause and wait until they continue what they were doing. I suggest bundling sessions to truly tell your full story. Not every final photograph will be in color and black and white, as color often distracts from the storytelling. Lastly, I am a natural light photographer and do not use flash or artificial lighting. If the location is dark, images will have some “noise” because of my camera settings.***