For many parents, it feels like years blur together. There is regret in balancing life and work. Days pass with an inhale and exhale of a single breath. And while we remember the central events of our lives we may overlook the little moments that mean so much. 

The moments that cause uncontrollable laughter, learning, and building. These are what shape a family and build stronger bonds. Hidden in our everyday routines lie these moments that can and should be preserved forever. 

While posed portrait sessions present beautiful photographs, I developed The Unscripted Life Sessions to deliver the unedited bits families so rarely are visually able to hold on and share now and with future generations. I want to capture you in your home or the place where you and your family are the most deeply rooted - where you are most honest, open, silly, or serious. And yes, even sadness and anger. I want to create through photography the story of you and yours. Nothing hidden or unnatural.  

I aim to become a member of the family for the day. I strive to make you as comfortable as possible to the point you forget about the camera. 

The Unscripted Life "Full" Session was curated to document every detail of this current chapter of your life story.