A mother embracing her smiling child in a field





Some reasons why families delay booking an Unscripted Life Session:

  • "We're so busy, I do not know when we could do something like this."
  • "Our home is to small, to messy, or dark.  I don't think we would like images created there."
  • "We're so normal, I have no idea how a documentary photo session would work."
  • "This seems like it might be uncomfortable.  I'm afraid we would be able to act normal."

I totally get it.  Truly I do!  The concept of any photo session, especially documentary, can feel uncomfortable to commit to. 

Now let me explain from your child's perspective why all these reasons are irrelevant.

I am the eldest of three children.  Being the first born and only child for over five years was unique in that I had countless photographs of myself taken of me as a baby.  My parents, most likely, behind the camera making animal noises and funny faces so I would look at the camera.  

Those are not the images I hold close to my heart.  The photographs I treasure most are those of my parents and me together.  My parents never booked a professional photographer, so there are only a few snapshots of us together.  My favorites are of us three crammed into the tiny photo booth at Nathan's with silly faces and toothy smiles.  They are a connection to happiness I do not have memories of.  These photographs are priceless to me.

As families expand - as did mine - mothers tend to avoid being photographed.  Or choose the role of the photographer.  I encounter so many mothers with insecurities that lead to apprehension around creating images of themselves with their children.  

I am on a mission to change this mentality and here is why.

When your children view those images now, and for the years to come they will not see those imperfections (which mothers are always too quick to point out).  They will see the woman whom birthed them, who juggled many roles, who created the world surrounding them in which they found comfort and security, and who's embrace always made them feel as though they were the most precious beings in the world.  

You are Momma.  And Momma is who they will love unconditionally.  

When you book an Unscripted Life Session it is not just about having a few "nice" pictures you can look at throughout the years and reflect how young, rested, and perfectly put together you were.  An Unscripted Life Session is your chance to embrace the beauty in the chaos of your life and to have the comfort in knowing that each stage is fleeting and that you have taken steps to make sure your children remember each chapter of their lives accurately and beautifully.  

YOU are creating your children’s memories.  YOU are responsible for giving them a snapshot of a time that has long since changed or that they were too young to remember.  YOU control the preservation of your family's genealogy.

If you are thinking of booking an Unscripted Life Session, please contact me here.